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Koch employees help make a difference at work and in their communities through volunteer opportunities such as Habitat for Humanity. Hear why it’s important to them to give their time to philanthropy.

The sun is high. Sweat drips off sawdust-speckled brows. Circular saws tear through 2x4s. The sound of hammers meeting nails rings out through the neighborhood. More than 20 volunteers are hard at work on a brand new house. After their almost four-hour shift ends, 20 more will be there to take their place. This is the scene that unfolds every Tuesday through Friday for six weeks. This is the Koch Build for Habitat for Humanity.

Chance on-site for his first Habitat for Humanity Build.


Koch Business Solutions, 1st Build

Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization that constructs more than a house; it builds stability and self-reliance for those who inhabit it. Toiling alongside volunteer contractors and workers, the families themselves work to make their dreams of having a place to call home a reality. That unique caveat, which Habitat calls “sweat equity,” is what makes the program stand out to those involved.

“You’re not giving houses to people. You're giving them an opportunity to have a house,” says Koch volunteer Mia Lombardi. “And with that opportunity comes knowledge, confidence and the ability to have some control over your own circumstances. Giving them ownership is so much beyond giving somebody something to live in.”


Flint Hills Resources, 10th Build


Recalls seeing a Habitat homeowner complete her mortgage.


Flint Hills Resources, 6th build


On why she gives her time to Habitat for Humanity.

Mia shares her first Habitat for Humanity experience in 2008


Koch Companies Public Sector, 3rd Build

Across the country, Koch companies and their employees have contributed more than 70,000 volunteer hours and $1.5 million to build more than 35 homes for Habitat for Humanity. This build alone, hundreds of volunteers filled all time slots within a matter of days. For some, this is their first build. Others are seasoned pros. What they lack in professional home construction, they make up for in compassion and a willingness to get their hands dirty.

Mia shares her 2008 Habitat for Humanity experience.

“In order for Koch to be in business, we really need to be contributing to the lives of others and making them safer and more comfortable,” says Koch volunteer Shannyn Rudawsky as she takes a break from hauling plywood. “And that’s the ultimate meaning of what Habitat for Humanity does. It’s the ultimate meaning of why we’re here.”


INVISTA, 3rd build


On what a home means to her.


Koch Chemical Technology Group, 3rd build


Sharing his thoughts on Koch’s involvement in the community.

Koch has contributed more than 70,000 volunteer hours and $1.5 million to build more than 35 homes in Georgia, Kansas and Texas communities.

In just 24 days, 476 Koch volunteers will have transformed this plot of land into a three bedroom, one bathroom house for a single mother, her two daughters and niece. But to the family, it will be so much more than four walls and a roof. It will be a place of comfort and love, shelter from storms, where they will make lifelong memories and an address they will have, all their own.


It will be their home.


Koch Supply and Trading, 6th build


On her favorite memories from her childhood home.

Ivy Mae

Koch Chemical Technology Group, 1st build


Ivy Mae conveys why she gives back to the community.


“I’m really excited for the family to start building memories with their loved ones in the home we’ve helped build for them.”
- Emily, Koch volunteer